The Time Travelers Record label

Our new single 'Wings' will be released on March 11, 2022 on the new 'Time Travelers Records' label.


Besides being a founding member of Bridging the Divide, Joost Peters has been professionally involved with music all his life. In recent years he has gained international fame and recognition as a composer for dressage music. Joost is a phenomenon in the equestrian world. His pieces of music, specially composed for these dressage exercises, have won many prestigious titles in recent years. In addition, the guys from Bridging the Divide are writing and producing more and more for other artists. Joost already wrote and produced the hit 'Ik kom d'r aan' by singer Linda Zijlmans.


All this has led Joost to decide to start his own record label independently. It is only logical than to include the work of Bridging the Divide on this. In recent years, BTD has had several conversations with record labels. However, now that we are going to work with our own label, that also guarantees that we can continue to do our own thing completely independently and stubbornly. For us, BTD is a project in which creativity, freedom and quality are paramount. Our own label helps us to maintain this independence

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    Sybren Waalbeek (Saturday, 26 February 2022 22:20)

    Didn't ABC Records distribute your music?

  • #2

    Joost (Sunday, 27 February 2022 08:45)

    Yes they did and they’ve always done great. But we felt it was time to stand on our own feet. #welovechallenges