Bridging The Divide is not a normal 'band'. It is a recording-project,  based in the Netherlands. They have a distinctive approach to pop music, blurring the lines between the deep and diverse sound of the 70s, yet endowing their music with a modern age. The project’s work has been compared to the sound and feel of artists as diverse as Pink Floyd, Queen, and Alan Parsons Project,  only to mention but a few. BTD  makes music with a very collaborative attitude, seeking to include different musicians for every track in order to make it the best track possible. Whether they collaborate with famous musicians such as Graham Gouldman, Paul Burgess, Magali Bachor, Helmut Krumminga or Ton Scherpenzeel or undiscovered talents, they always have one goal in mind: making the best music they possibly can. For this reason, their recordings are usually a sign of great attention to detail and blooming with great textures. 


The production team of Bridging the Divide consists of Joost Peters and Jan Vranken since 2014, and drummer Sjoerd Rutten has been added since this year. Because BTD's productions are not only about music, art designer Hans Bremmers and clip maker Accepthis are also part of the project.


All tracks are written, arranged, recorded, and mixed by BTD from start to finish. For the final mix and mastering, the project has already collaborated on more than one occasion with Filip Heurckmans in the Belgian top studio Galaxy and has previously collaborated with Frank Arkwright in the legendary Abbey Road studio in London. Everything for the music and the sound to be perfect. 





Joost Peters

photo by : Patrick Strouken
photo by : Patrick Strouken

Joost has spent his life in music both on the road and as a session-musician. Joost is well known as one of the best bass-players around. He has become well known as composer for original dressage music and he has reached world class level doing so. In 2009 he produced the famous “Totally Totilas” freestyle for Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas, setting the world record score for a freestyle at 92,700%. A record that stood for almost 5 years. For his dressage music, Joost has worked with musicians like Wibi Sourjadi, Elton John, Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers. Joost and Jan go way back over more then 30 years. When they started composing and producing together in 2014, Bridging the Divide was born.

Jan Vranken

Photo: Patrick Strouken
Photo: Patrick Strouken

Jan, played in his first band ' the Next' when he was 15 years old. Pink Floyd, Queen, Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, their heroes, who they tried to imitate. Since then he never left music. Jan went through al stages, played punk with 'the Poisened Mind' , slick R'nB with Soso Skin. Eventually he spent years playing the club circuit with coverband 'Jackfruit' and in the nineties he made a very small claim to fame with rocktrio  'Garp'. Over the years Jan started to write music for others, made commercial generics, and coached starting bands.  As a music journalist  for Dutch Maxazine he keeps up to date with all the new music happening everywhere. Jan and Joost go way back over more then 30 years,  when they started composing and producing together in 2014 Bridging the Divide was born. 

Sjoerd Rutten


From the time we started recording 'Native Land' we have collaborated with Sjoerd Rutten on drums. Not only did he make music on the tracks, but gradually his influence has grown. He is musically, technically and creatively gifted, and also just a top guy. So time to make it official. Bridging the Divide is now a trio !


Sjoerd graduated from the Maastricht Conservatory and has since become a much sought-after session musician. In addition, he is no stranger to the national pop stages where he played drums at Symfo Classics, among other things, and also played drums as a replacement for Hans Eijkenaar in prog rock legends Kayak.