07. March 2022
Thank you ABC Entertainment
When we started Bridging the Divide 8 years ago, we found the perfect partners in ABC Entertainment. The incomparably energetic Rene Dekker wanted to go on the adventure with us to present our project to the public. ABC saw the added value of the project and, like us, has a heart that beats pure music.
04. March 2022
Rob de Groot plays guitar on ' Wings'
Rob embellishes our new track 'Wings' with his beautiful guitar playing. We are just a little proud of it! You all probably know Rob from his work with the Andre Hazes Band and with Danny Vera!
03. March 2022
Interview with Bridging the Divide
On the occasion of their seventh single release, on March 11, Norman van den Wildenberg, editor-in-chief of one of the largest online music sites in The Netherlands, Maxazine, interviewed the trio behind the music project Bridging the Divide from the Netherlands. Bridging the Divide has been around since 2014 and has since built up a name for itself, especially in the music scene itself. They have already worked with musicians such as Ton Scherpenzeel from Kayak, Edison Winner singer Rob Lamot
01. March 2022
Werner van Gool again !
Werner van Gool previously played keys on our track 'Lose your Love'. For 'Wings' we just asked him back!
25. February 2022
The Time Travelers Record label
Our new single 'Wings' will be released on March 11, 2022 on the new 'Time Travelers Records' label.
24. February 2022
Graham Gouldman plays Bass !
After lead vocalist Jeroen van den Berg we would like to introduce you today to our special guest on our new release 'Wings'. It is not without pride that we can say that none other than Graham Gouldman played the bass!
23. February 2022
Jeroen van den Berg is Lead Vocalist on' Wings
With the release of our latest single 'Wings' on March 11th, it's time to introduce you to the line-up of this production.
22. February 2022
'Wings' to be released on March 11th, 2022
Bridging the Divide will release their new single ' Wings' on March 11th 2022 on all streaming platforms worldwide. At the same time the track will be available for download on the Bandcamp page of the band. 'Wings' will be available on Bandcamp with another artwork.